British Toy Loco Material KitMade in United States

British Toy Loco Material Kit
  • Working British toy loco steam engine
  • Includes virtually all the material and drawings you need to make this engine
  • You machine the parts
  • CAD drawings and complete construction manual
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This is an operating toy steam engine.

This kit includes 65 pages of drawings and 60 pages of construction notes that are specific to the mini mill and mini lathe.

When finished, the British toy loco measures 2.23" wide x 6.43" long x 3.72" high. If runs on 027 gage track which is 1.25" between the rails.

Because of the difficulties and dangers of using steam, these engines are most often powered by compressed air.

Chris Chris' Tips
These Elderberry Steam Engines come with the best drawings and construction booklets in the business. The drawings are all CAD generated, with complete dimensions and tolerances. The Construction Manual is a virtually complete how-to for using the mini lathe and mini mill.

The construction manuals for the Elderberry kits form a series. The launch engine is the first in the series. The mill engine construction manual builds on skills learned from building the launch engine, and the toy loco builds on skills learned from building the other two projects.

The drawing sets for each kit are complete. If you don't need the detailed construction manual to help improve your machining skills, you can build these kits in any order.

Here are some sample pages from the Drawing Set and the Construction Manual.

This Elderberry British Toy Loco Material Kit includes the materials shown in the photos below plus a piece of brass tubing for the boiler shell: