Combination Square Set, 12" 4R, StarrettMade in United States

Combination Square Set, 12" 4R, Starrett
  • Starrett 12" combination square set
  • Includes square head, center head and reversible protractor head
  • Starrett catalog number C435-12-4R
  • Graduation No. 4R- 8ths, 16ths, Quick Reading 32nds, 64ths
Part Number: 3589
Weight: 2.30 lb

Price: $330.00

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The combination square set has reversible lock bolts, scriber, spirit level in both square head and protractor head, direct reading double 180° protractor scale, hardened steel, photoengraved blade. Cast iron heads with black wrinkle finish.

The blade is 1" wide and 3/32" thick and has a satin chrome finish.

Chris Chris' Tips
The combination square was invented by Leroy Starrett (yes, that Starrett) in 1877. It's one of those basic tools that should be in every machinist's (and woodworker's) tool box.

The name combination square is truly appropriate for this tool, as it includes 7 basic components and can be used in hundreds of ways. In one package you get 90° and 45° squares, a protractor, a centering head, a precision scale, two levels, and a scriber.

Here is some information on using a combination square from Starrett.

We carry several Starrett 12" combination square sets. What's the difference? There are several features that affect the price. One is the protractor head. Squares with a reversible protractor head cost more. Another is the scale. Squares with satin chrome scales cost a little more.

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