Gear, Saddle Drive 24 Teeth, Mini Lathe Deluxe 

Gear, Saddle Drive 24 Teeth, Mini Lathe Deluxe
  • 24 Teeth
  • Shaft 8 mm
  • Gear Width 8 mm
  • Threaded End M8
Part Number: 4854
Weight: 0.10 lb

Price: $9.09

In stock
Saddle drive gear (24 Teeth).

On the HiTorque deluxe mini lathes and SIEG SC2 deluxe mini lathes with DRO, the Saddle Drive hand wheel is secured with an M8 acorn nut. This gear fits that configuration. The part is secured with a set screw.

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In your instruction manual, this part appears on the parts list as:

Item No Models
177 7450 HiTorque Mini Lathe - 7x16
64 5200 HiTorque Mini Lathe - 7x16 7350 HiTorque Mini Lathe - 7x16
64A 4200 HiTorque Mini Lathe - 7x12
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