Taps, Metric, Spiral Flute, TiN Coated, Individual Sizes 

Taps, Metric, Spiral Flute, TiN Coated, Individual Sizes
  • Metric spiral flute plug style tap
  • High speed steel (HSS) / TiN coated
  • Sizes M2 - M10
  • Ground threads
  • Comply with DIN 371 standards
High speed steel (HSS) spiral flute plug style taps with a titanium (TiN) coating.

These metric spiral flute taps have 35 degree spiral to assist in evacuating chips out of the tapped hole. Spiral flutes are recommended when bridging a gap inside the hole such as a keyway or cross-hole.

These metric taps are available in sizes ranging from M2 to M10 and comply with standard tap dimensions as defined in DIN 371. The thread tap limits (pitch diameter limits) range from D3 to D6.

D3 = plus 0.0015

D4 = plus 0.0020

D5 = plus 0.0025

D6 = plus 0.0030

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