Mini Lathe Tooling

1 Introduction
2 Quick-Change Tool Post?
3 Turning
4 Drilling
5 Boring
6 Cut-Off
7 Turning Between Centers
8 Lathe Chucks
9 Knurling
10 Other Accessories
11 Tooling Packages
12 Starter & Spares Kits
Mini Lathe Tooling

Other Accessories

There are many other accessories that you can use with your mini lathe. Following are a few that you might want to consider as you get stared with your mini lathe.


A faceplate allows you to turn work that cannot be held in a lathe chuck or between centers. You clamp odd-shaped work pieces to the faceplate for turning.

Steady Rest

The steady rest supports the far end or a long work piece. Many times a steady rest is used to support the end of a work piece while you center drill it in preparation for supporting it with a live center.

Follower Rest

The follower rest supports a flexible work piece adjacent to the cutting tool to keep it from deflecting away from the cutting tool. The follower rest mounts on the carriage and moves with the cutting tool.

Milling Attachment

The milling attachment allows you to do light milling on your lathe. It replaces the compound rest and holds the work piece. With an end mill in the lathe chuck or an end mill holder in the spindle, you can mill a work piece held in the in the milling attachment.

Spindle Tachometer

The speed at which the surface of the work piece passes the tool bit is important to achieve the best surface finish and highest production. The spindle tachometer provides positive feedback of the speed at which the spindle is turning. Cutting speeds vary by material, type of tooling, and work piece diameter.

Tailstock Turret Tool Holder

Drilling large holes in a work piece is a multi step process. The tailstock turret tool holder provides a way to make this process more efficient. The tailstock turret tool holder holds up to five different tools, making it easy to center drill, and then step drill to a large hole size.

Other Accessory Options


Faceplate, Mini Lathe, 80 mm Flange


Faceplate, Mini Lathe, 100 mm Flange


Steady Rest, 0-1" Mini Lathe


Steady Rest, 1-2" Mini Lathe


Follower Rest, Mini Lathe


Milling Attachment Package, Mini Lathe


Milling Attachment, Mini Lathe


Milling Attachment, Taig


Tachometer, Spindle


Tailstock Turret Tool Holder, 2MT


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