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Mini Mill Tooling

1 Introduction
2 Tool Holding
3 Drill Chucks
4 Holding End Mills
5 Drawbars
6 End Mills
7 Work Holding
8 Vises
9 Clamping Kits and Accessories
10 Setup Tools
11 Special Operations
12 Surfacing
13 Boring
14 Cutting Curves
15 Indexing
16 Starter and Spares Kits

Getting Started with Mini Mill Tooling


You have your new mini mill mounted on the bench. You are ready to start cutting metal, but find that you didnít receive any cutting tools with the mini mill. What else do you need to get started?

This document covers the following mini mills:

  • Micro-Mark model 82537 MicroLux Miniature Milling Machine
  • Grizzly model G8689 Mini Milling Machine
  • Harbor Freight model 44991 Mini Mill/Drill Machine
  • Homier model 03947 Speedway Mini Mill

If you have a similar small mill, you might not need the exact part numbers described in this document, but you will need the same types of tools.

We will discuss what you need for tool holding, cutting tools, work holding, and setup tools. Then we will cover some of the operations you might perform with the mini mill including drilling, milling, surfacing, boring, cutting curves, and indexing.


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