Mini Mill Tooling

1 Introduction
2 Tool Holding
3 Drill Chucks
4 Holding End Mills
5 Drawbars
6 End Mills
7 Work Holding
8 Vises
9 Clamping Kits and Accessories
10 Setup Tools
11 Special Operations
12 Surfacing
13 Boring
14 Cutting Curves
15 Indexing
16 Tooling Packages
17 Spare Parts Kits
Mini Mill Tooling

Drill Chucks

Most mini mills come with a drill chuck. (At we find that most factory installed drill chucks are of very low quality. It is for this reason that we have the factory install upgraded drill chucks in all of our HiTorque mini mills.)

There are two types of drill chucks to choose from, keyed chucks and keyless chucks. Keyless chucks offer convenience and safety. Keyed chucks are more economical, and they provide slightly (and only slightly) more holding power. We have keyless chucks on our mini mill and drill press and use them for everything.

A drill chuck alone has no way to mount in the mini mill. A drill chuck arbor  has one end that fits in the back of the drill chuck and another end that goes in the mini mill's spindle. The chuck to arbor connection is pretty much permanent. You can remove an arbor from a drill chuck, but it takes a pair of special U-shaped wedges to do it.

Drill chuck Arbor

Drill Chuck Options

Product 3MT Spindle R8 Spindle


Drill Chuck, 1/2"

X1 X2


Drill Chuck, 1/2" Professional Grade

X1 X2


Drill Chuck, 1/2" Keyless

X1 X2


Drill Chuck, 1/2" with R8 Shank



Drill Chuck, 3/8"

X3 X4


Drill Chuck, 3/8" Professional Grade

X3 X4


Drill Chuck, 3/8" Keyless

X3 X4

1 With 1806 arbor (Drill Chuck 3MT Drawbar to 33JT)
2 With 1676 arbor (Drill Chuck R8 to 33JT)
3 With 1805 arbor (Drill Chuck 3MT Drawbar to 2JT)
4 With 3999 arbor (Drill Chuck R8 to 2JT)


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