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Steady rests, stands, faceplates, and other accessories for C4 and SC4 bench lathes

This list shows products that are specific to C4 and SC4 lathes. For products that work with many different lathes, such as live centers, see Lathe > Tooling.

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P/N Description Price  
4665 Accessory Package, Bench Lathe
Separate  $443.30
Value $398.95
Not in stock
4168 Bracket, Compound Rest Retainer, Bench Lathe DRO $9.95
4173 Bushing, Display Shaft, Bench Lathe DRO $4.95
5677 Carriage Apron Assembly, Bench Lathe $574.95
4159 Carriage Stop, Bench Lathe, Adjustable $32.11
4214 Change Gear Set, Bench Lathe, Extras, Metal $39.18
4583 Change Gear Set, Bench Lathe, Metal $169.27
Not in stock
3538 Chip Tray, 8.5x20 Bench Lathe $99.95
3401 Clamping Kit, Bench Lathe Faceplate $28.95
4231 Collet Chuck, ER-32, 4" Diameter $89.95
5452 Collet Chuck, ER-40, 4" Diameter $89.95
4914 Compound Rest Top, for AXA QCTP, Bench Lathe $39.95
5880 Digital Position Readout, Bench Lathe Tailstock $119.95
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