May 25th - June 7th
*Excludes Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico, and orders over 700 lbs.


Accessories and Upgrades for 4190

Make the 4190 HiTorque Mini Mill, Deluxe even more useful and capable. All these accessories and upgrades are designed specifically to work with this machine.

Everything you order with a machine ships together at no extra shipping cost. Up to three machines and all their tooling and accessories ships for the same flat rate as one machine.

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P/N Description Price  
5629 Stand Cabinet, HiTorque Mini Mill $249.95
5112 Power Feed, HiTorque and SIEG X2D/X2L Mini Mills
Reg $424.95
Sale  $399.95
3818 Tachometer, Spindle, HiTorque Mills & Lathes $159.95
5510 Chip Tray, HiTorque Mini Mill $35.95
3954 Feed Screw Parts, 20 TPI, HiTorque Mini Mill $60.98
3131 Rotary Table, 4" with Tailstock, Dividing Plate, & 3-Jaw Lathe Chuck
Separate  $689.59
Value $642.95
3132 Rotary Table, 4" with Tailstock, Dividing Plate, & 4-Jaw Lathe Chuck
Separate  $679.59
Value $642.95